Tenders and Quotations

Copy of Contract register 2013 14


Advert tender May 2014

Provision of Security Services to RLM Specs (1)

Advert for Traffic surveillance


Multi Advert for Finance

Advert for Debt Collection

RFQ – Catering 4 MEH Launch

Speficiations document - Final

aluminuim pay points

tender 03-ELC-INFR-13-14

Adverts Multi 2 P S

multiple advert (3)

Supply- delivery of guns - 17/03/2014

Copy of 05 INFR R 2013 14 – Copy 


Supply and install aluminium drawing for the pay-point counter

Machine spares- 31 Jan 2014 (3)- 11/03/2014

RFQ – (RE-ADVERT )supply and installation of storm water commer street- 04-03-2014

multiple advert Feb (13/02/2014)

Request for quotation to supply Library Security Book DetecttionAdvert for

Badirile and Brandeg

Adverts Multi 2 P S

RFQ- Storm Water- 06/12/2013

Installation of 3m Security model- 03/12/2013

Multy Advert- Invitation to Bid-25/11/2013

RFQ- Parks  Furniture- 15/11/2013

RFQ- Parks- Fence- 15/11/2013

RFQ- Parks- Concrete Bollards- 15/11/2013

Cooperative Enterprice Development Training-(LED) 14/11/2013.

Supply and Installation of Shades- 13/11/2013

Multy Advert Final Draft- 12/11/2013

Request for Quatation- HIV Training- 31/10/2013

Request for Quatation- Cay Spray-30/10/2013

Request For Quatation- Crack Seal- 30/10/2013

Multi Advert(Parks) 21/10/2013

Procurement Advert- 17/10/2013

Two Way Radio- 10/10/2013 

Advert- Tyres 03/10/2013

Street litter bins 02/10.2013

Multy Adverts(Projects) 01/10/2013

Multy Adverts(Projects) 19/09/2013

Lawn Mower 09/09/2013

Contruction of Storm 06/09/2013

Advert (Hercide) 06/09/2013

Design and Produce Street Names-06/09/2013

Supply and Deliver(Stormwater Manhole Lids) 06/09/2013

Supply and Deliver(3m Stormwater Kerb) 06/09/2013

Multi Advert Caxton 04/09/2013

Repairing of a Cracked Wall 30/08/2013

Advert/102150/ 30/08/2013

Traing of Artisans 26/08/2013

Multi Advert 22/08/2013

Water Meter Reading Solution 08/08/2013

Price Comparison Schedule 07/08/2013

Multi-Adverts 07/08/2013

Printing (Annual Report) 19/07/2013

Training Providers(Horticulture) 03/07/2013

Residential Water Meters and Installation of Storm Water Drainage (26/06/2013)

Price Comparison Schedule(24/06/2013)

Repairing of cracked wall(24/06/2013)

Rehabilitation of Potholes(20/06/2013)

Renewal of Randfontein Landfill License(20/06/2013)

Supply and Delivery of Traffic Uniform(18/06/2013)

Invitation To Bid (IT Division 10/06/2013)

Appointment of Service Provider(Dev of Comm Technology Strategic Plan)

Appointment of Service Provider(Supply Fuel and Oil)

Appointment of Service Provider(Debtors Collection, Data,Cleansing, Transactional Advisor) 


Supply and Delivery of Traffic Uniform

Appointment of Service Provider for the Restructuring of Electrical Tarrifs

Invitation to Bid

Servicing of Fire Extenguishers and Related Equipments











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Emergency Numbers

For all Medical / Fire Emergencies:
107 / 011 951 3000

Service number for Electricity:
Off Hrs: 011 411 0235/6
Aft Hrs: 011 951 3000

Service number for Water:
Off Hrs: 011 411 0095
Aft Hrs: 011 951 3000

Client Care Centre:
011 411 0000